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The Dental Blogs is a collection of dental related information for consumers and the general public. We cover everything from tooth care and general dentistry to orthodontics, wisdom teeth removal, and other specialties and procedures. Get the best and most up-to-date information on proper dental care, dental services, the business and profession of dentistry, and even specific businesses in your area that may be able to help you get the dental care you need.

4 Benefits of Dental Implants & How to Choose the Best Dental Implants

Dental implants are metallic rods that are surgically placed in the jaw to replace missing teeth. They can be made from titanium, stainless steel, and other metals and alloys. Dental …
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Heal faster with L-PRF™ Platelet Therapy

L-PRF™ Platelet Therapy is a type of platelet transfusion that your body’s own blood cells can promote healing in the surgery site. To create L-PRF™ Platelet Therapy, a sample of …
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8 Advantages Of Dental Implants Over Traditional Dentures

Have you been struggling with dentures and looking for a more permanent solution that gives you more comfort, confidence, and peace of mind?Dental implants are dental restorations that replace missing …
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5 Common Habits That Could Damage Your Teeth

There are a lot of things you probably didn’t know could damage your teeth. You may not have realized that chewing on pens, biting your nails or tearing open bags …
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8 Myths About Teeth and Gum Care

There are many myths about teeth and gum care. It’s important to get information from experts for accurate information, but remember that any time you’re feeling unsure or start experiencing …
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Manual vs. Electric Toothbrush: Which One is Better?

There are two types of toothbrushes: manual and electric. Which one is better? The answer to this question depends on many factors, such as your budget, the time you have …
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Carbonated Water – Is It Safe For Your Teeth?

As you surely know, soda contains high amounts of sugar which will cause tooth decay if consumed regularly or in large quantities. Additionally, most people are likely avoiding regular soda …
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Affordable, Budget-Friendly Dental Care for the Elderly

Oral health is crucial as we age. Unfortunately, many elderly people may find it difficult to afford dental care after retirement – which is when they need it the most! …
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