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3D Guided Implants Overview

3D Guided Implants

3D guided dental implant surgery is one of the newest advancements in dental surgery. It is an innovative technology that uses information gathered with an amazingly accurate and 3D dental image. It offers doctors the opportunity to perform detailed surgical planning using a virtual rendering of a patient’s face, mouth, and jaw structure. In this blog post, we will explore the basics of 3D guided dental implants and what benefits they offer.

What are 3D guided implants?

Guided implants are a type of dental implant that uses 3D imaging and computer guidance to ensure proper placement. These type of dental implants have numerous advantages for the patient and the dentist.

How does they work?

CT scans are taken of the patient’s mouth and jaw. These scans are then used to create a 3D model of the area. This 3D model is then used to help surgeons plan the placement of the implants with great precision. Once the surgeon has planned the procedure, they will use special software to guide them during surgery. This helps ensure that the implants

What are some of the benefits of 3D guided implants?

Some of the benefits guided implants include:

  • Reduced surgical time
  • Less surgical trauma
  • Lower implant failure rates
  • Increased accuracy of implant placement

Enhanced Safety and Accuracy

3D guided implants are an important advancement in the field of dentistry. Unlike many traditional surgical procedures, this type of dental implant uses cone beam visualization technology to help dentists plan with great precision. This reduces the risk of making mistakes during surgery. Additionally, guided implants have been shown to be a more effective alternative for many patients than other more invasive surgical techniques.

Faster Procedure and Recovery Times

Another advantage of guided implants is that they can help shorten procedure and recovery times. The reason for this is the enhanced precision. Patients who underwent this implant surgery also reported less pain and swelling after their procedure.

Where can I get 3D guided implants?

Not all dentists offer this unique advancement in dental implant technology. So, you will need to do your research beforehand. If you are considering dental implants, be sure to ask your dentist if they offer guided implants.

This new technology can help make the procedure quicker, easier, and less painful for you. Guided implants are the future of dental implants.

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