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Advantages of CloSYS Mouthwash

Advantages of CloSYS Mouthwash

CloSYS Mouthwash is a gentle mouthwash that eliminates the causes of bad breath. It also controls plaque build-up that contributes to gingivitis and periodontal disease. There are many advantages of CloSYS Mouthwash over other brands of mouthwash. In this article, we intend to enumerate the advantages of CloSYS Mouthwash.

What are the advantages of CloSYS Mouthwash?

CloSYS Mouthwash is alcohol-free, which ensures that it does not cause any burning sensation in the mouth or throat. Here’s a list of additional benefits that you can expect from CloSYS:

  • Helps to maintain pH balance in your oral cavity
  • Gentle on the teeth and gums: does not irritate the mucous membranes
  • Allows the user to rinse longer because there is no burning sensation
  • It is also effective in controlling plaque build-up and gingivitis
  • Kills 99% of bad bacteria within 10 seconds
  • Eliminates sulfur compounds
  • Fresher breath for longer
  • Lessens the chance for cavities

Additionally, CloSYS Mouthwash leaves a refreshing feeling in the mouth. It is available in a variety of flavors, including Mint and Unflavored.

CloSYS mouthwash has even been proven to kill the coronavirus.

How does CloSYS work?

Stabilized chlorine dioxide is the primary active ingredient in CloSYS. The trade name for stabilized chlorine dioxide is Cloralstan®. When the amino acids in your mouth come into contact with the Cloralstan® in CloSYS, a very small, and safe amount of chlorine dioxide is created.

It is activated by saliva and works to kill harmful germs and bacteria that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis. It also helps to remove food particles from the teeth.

Swishing it around in your mouth will also activate the Cloralstan®, or stabilized chlorine dioxide.

How is CloSYS different from other types of mouthwash?

Cloralstan® is not found in any other mouthwash, and that makes CloSYS different from other mouthwashes on the market. It uses a patented unique ingredient.

Cloralstan® is a stabilized form of chlorine dioxide that is gentle on the teeth and gums, but effective in killing harmful bacteria.

What are the side effects of CloSYS?

CloSYS is safe for most people to use. The most common side effect is teeth staining or a change in taste (which is temporary).

However, in rare instances, allergic reactions may occur.

If you have any other questions about the side effects of CloSYS, please consult your dentist or healthcare provider.

Is Cloralstan®, or stabilized chlorine dioxide the same as bleach?

No, while chlorine dioxide and chlorine share an atom, they are not the same chemical.

Who can use CloSYS mouthwash?

You do not need a prescription for CloSYS. Dental professionals recommend CloSYS for people of all ages.

Children as young as six years old, and adults can use CloSYS mouthwash as it is safe for them to use. Pregnant women and individuals with sensitive teeth and gums can also use CloSYS Mouthwash.

People who are struggling with bad breath and periodontal patients commonly use CloSYS because it is very effective at treating these symptoms.

CloSYS is safe if it is swallowed as chlorine dioxide has been used in drinking water safely for years.

Summary – Advantages of CloSYS Mouthwash

The bottom line is that CloSYS Mouthwash is a safe and effective way to keep your mouth clean and fresh. There are many benefits of using CloSYS Mouthwash over other brands of mouthwash.

Finally, CloSYS Mouthwash is available in a variety of flavors, so there is sure to be a flavor that everyone will enjoy. Whether you are looking for a product to Eliminate bad breath or control plaque build-up, CloSYS Mouthwash is an excellent choice.

It is an affordable option for people who are looking for an effective mouthwash. It is also easy to find in stores. You can also purchase CloSYS Mouthwash online.

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