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L-PRF Platelet Therapy Helps You Recover From Wisdom Teeth Surgery Faster

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Dr. Spencer Wirig of Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth gave us this helpful information about a newer service he is able to provide for patients who are having their wisdom teeth removed.

Heal Faster and Prevent Dry Sockets when you have your wisdom teeth removed with L-PRF, Platelet Therapy.

Your blood contains the building blocks of repair.If you suffered a small scrape on your knee, your body would react by creating a clot to stop the bleeding, form a scab, and finally regenerate new skin.

Platelet Fibrin Therapy is similar. A small amount of blood is collected to create an advanced bioactive compound that will boost the healing forces found within your own blood to improve healing.

The procedure to obtain L-PRF is virtually painless – No more than a routine blood test.

The therapy is 100% natural and additive-free and FDA cleared.

Natural growth factors present in your own body are concentrated using L-PRF (blood samples are spun in a specific centrifuge and protocol).

Your own concentrated platelets and other key blood cells and their unique healing abilities are simply re-introduced at the site of your surgical procedure. As a result, your own body releases powerful proteins and creates a scaffold for more efficient healing.

L-PRF (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) Platelet Therapy is proven to increase recovery times and lower the risk of complications.

This information is brought to you by Dr. Spencer Wirig.


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