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The Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental Implants

This information about dental implants is brought to you by Dr. Carly Paragas of Oak Forest Family Dental in Oak Forest, IL.

One really great treatment option for some patients looking for a better quality of life and improved looks is dental implants.

Implants are great for replacing missing teeth. When you ask for an implant, the dentist will place a stud into the bone as a sort of an anchor point.

A single stud may be placed in order to give a patient a single dental implant or many may be placed in strategic spots around your mouth to give a dental patient a complete or partial denture that stays in place.

It is a much better solution than traditional dentures.

There’s a broad range of options and applications once we place these implants, the denture can be attached to it.

One of the great things about an implant is that it is replacing the spot on the jaw where your natural tooth would have been and it helps prevent bone loss in the jaw.

The titanium studs used in implant dentistry are effectively “artificial roots”. They help to keep your mouth and jaw working in a way that is almost as natural as your own real teeth.

People are usually very happy with the results when they have an implant placed. Most of them often wish they had gotten a dental implant sooner as well. It’s a big improvement for many people in terms of quality of life.


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