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Why Regular Dental Appointments Are Important

regular dental appointments

Some people may be afraid of visiting the dentist, especially if they have a bad experience in the past. That is why it comes as no surprise that, according to research, 42 percent of Americans avoid regular dental appointments.

According to the ADA, routine check-ups are recommended bi-annually, but they recommend that each patient’s needs be determined based on their current condition and health history. In line with the ADA, most dentists will want you to visit them every six months, if not more frequently. One of the most important reasons to visit a dentist every six months is not only to look for cavities and other issues, but also to have your teeth cleaned.

The importance of teeth cleanings

Excess build-up of calculus (also known as tarter) may be removed during a cleaning by your dentist or hygienist. Calculus is a type of calcified plaque. All of these factors can contribute to the formation of plaque, which can cause significant oral health concerns such as gum disease.

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that can lead to Gum Disease. Gum disease is a condition in which the gums become inflamed and damaged. This can result in swollen, red gums that may be painful to the touch. Bacteria and plaque have accumulated in the early stages of gum disease, causing gums to become inflamed. When you clean your teeth, if you are experiencing bleeding of the gums, that is a sure sign of gingivitis. It means you have not been diligent enough in your oral hygiene.

Oral cancer screenings and other risks

In addition to cleanings, your dentist may conduct further examinations on you to look for more serious health issues. Cancers of the mouth, head/neck, abscesses, and other malignancies are some examples.

Another reason to visit your dentist regularly is to check for cavities. Small cavities can be handled and fixed much easier than larger cavities or more serious damage to your teeth and enamel.

There are several terrible habits that might have a detrimental influence on your oral health. Some of them you may not even be aware of. Chewing ice, biting your nails, clenching your jaw, munching on particularly sticky or crunchy sweets, brushing your teeth too vigorously, drinking coffee and red wine, and of course smoking are all examples of bad dental habits.

When you get routine dental checkups, your dentist can look for any harm to your teeth caused by these or other behaviors that you may not be aware of. Being aware of specific damaging habits can help you make positive changes in your life so that you can avoid additional harm. Visiting the dentist can help you repair any damage that has already occurred to your teeth. It can also help them be the healthy they can be.

The Importance of X-Rays

Getting your teeth and jaw bone x-rayed is an important aspect of seeing your dentist on a regular basis. Dental X-rays are a high-tech way to take images of what’s going on inside your mouth. They allow your dentist to detect and diagnose problems that may go unnoticed by the unaided eye, such as:

  • impacted teeth such as those typically seen with wisdom teeth
  • damage to the jawbone, as well as any bone deterioration, and swelling
  • cysts, or tumors, all of which are invisible without x-ray imaging

Finding the underlying causes of these or any other significant oral problems as soon as feasible is critical in order to effectively cure them.

X-rays and bi-annual checkups are the greatest method to stay on top of your health. Especially if you have chronic, degenerative diseases that do not show any symptoms. In a nutshell, having your dental check up by the dentist might save you a lot of money in future dental costs. It can also improve your quality of life, and in certain situations, could even save your life.

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